About Jess

Q&A with Jess:

Why JessOnThames?

This blog used to have the name JessinBelgium, but then I moved to London and the name became misleading. Having clearly not learned my lesson about geo-locating my site, JessOnThames was born.

What do I blog about?

Twelve years ago, I moved to Europe for what was supposed to be a one- year stint. Twelve years later, life abroad is just as entertaining. I blog about it.

Where am I from?

That’s a harder question to answer than it should be. I was born in California and have lived in 13 different States. I went to high school in Minnesota and college in upstate New York. I studied in Washington DC and Paris and worked in Brussels for 10 years.

What do I like?

Travel. Loud laughs. Long walks. Sunny days. Animals. Autumn. Old buildings. Florists. Sarcasm. Coffee. Cheese. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Tacos. Summer salads. More cheese. Chili. Red wine. Old school pubs. Event planning. Ballet. Theatre. Cheesy 80s anthems. The West Wing. The Good Wife. Jon Stewart. Amy Poehler. The Tonight Show. Books I can travel vicariously through. Bookstores to find them in. Wes Anderson movie sets.

What do I dislike?

Having to list things I dislike.

What does my travel wishlist look like?

Extensively long… Short distance = the Lake District, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight/Medium distance = Croatia, Norway, Iceland, Morocco, Turkey/Long distance = Japan, Namibia, Argentina & Peru.

How can you contact me?

If you’d like to get in touch or parter with JessOnThames, please drop me a mail at jessonthames (at) yahoo.co.uk. I’d love to hear from you.


Photo by Urban Pixxels 

  • Ann

    Hi Jess, I bumped into your blog through your Instagram page and have spent the last hour on it-its fab! Your recent and funny accounts of moving to London had me in stitches and reminded me of what it was like when I first moved to the UK. Speaking of pronunciations, I particularly struggled with city names that had ‘w’. I remember planning a trip to ‘Norrich’ and being completely baffled by why it wasn’t on the map. I did eventually figure out that it was spelt Norwich. There are a host of places like that but then, just to confuse you, there are some where you do pronounce the ‘w’. I hope you enjoy London; it is fabulous! Ann x

    • Thank you so much Ann! So glad to have just discovered your blog too – your summer looks like it was absolutely fabulous! Glad to hear I am not the only one who has trouble with the W’s… My boyfriend D was born in Worcestershire… took me ages to get that one right! Looking forward to more reading. xx J

  • So happy to stumble across your blog! We are fairly recent transplants to Brussels who also have a soft spot for London. Perfect! I look forward to following your adventures (and hopefully picking up some tips on our current hometown).

    • Thank you so much! Brussels is a lovely city to get to know and London is always just a train trip away :) Looking forward to reading up on your discoveries too!

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  • Jay

    I LOVED “All the Light We Cannot See.” I bought it for my dad for Christmas. Such a good read!

  • Great blog. I miss London so muuuuch, so I’ll have to get my fix through your pictures :)

  • Regina

    Jess! What did you study and where? Love your blog!

  • Fabiana Gitsio

    Jess, do a newsletter pleeeeaaaaase