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Super, Pretty, Funny n°47



Christmas with Pippa

So I have watched Love Actually, I’ve put up the tree, I’m even playing my Christmas playlist (see below) and yet there is still something that is holding me back from feeling like this Christmas is really here. Its coming too fast! I don’t have time to savour it.

Slow down, Christmas. SLOW DOWN. Just a bit.*

I’m still cracking up over this picture from the weekend. Pippa and I will be here taking in the decorations in our pjs… in the meantime, here are some of my favorite recent reads & watches.


This most adorable of movie trailers

The White House welcomed 100 travel bloggers yesterday to announce priorities for study abroad programmes. Bravo. (Follow along with the talks here: #WHTravelBloggers)

The NYTimes gift guide

The Voyageur’s travel itinerary for Japan

I always LOVE the way NPR structures their best books lists (bookmark this one folks)


Margo’s visit to one of the prettiest towns in France

In the moment with Michelle Dockery

Jen’s trip to Marrakech

OK Go does it again – their music videos are amazing – there are no special effects here


Charts for people obsessed with Serial (with thanks to Robin!)

Kate Spade + Anna Kendrick = brilliance

Victoria Beckham being funny

*I likely also feel this way because I have managed to avoid Oxford and Regents Streets as well as Covent Garden during this period. Nor have I been subjected to the more annoying of the Christmas carols… all in perspective…

The trials and tribulations of an expat Minnesotan in winter



Aurora Borealis in Alaska // US Air Force

London, I’m a bit upset with you.

You are so darn photogenic – do you have any idea how beautiful you would look with some snowfall?

These are views that some may find crazy but I’d like to think they are the natural thoughts of a Minnesotan-turned-expat.

When you live in Minnesota, you love the first snowfall. Because its usually more than a simple flurry that disappears overnight. (If its just a little flurry it doesn’t even count.) You wake up to a winter wonderland. You wake up to air that’s lost its noise. Everything’s muffled or crunchy when you walk on it. You see little tracks where critters have run across the back yard and you watch birds poke through the snow to get at pickings on the ground. You watch steam come out of chimneys across the neighborhood. And you brace yourself for a long winter.

Because that feeling quickly wears off after you’ve shoveled the driveway a few thousand times and you realise you’re still wearing a parka in early May.

Once you leave Minnesota, however, everything changes and you want nothing more than snow all the time. The air starts to cool, Thanksgiving is over and you are pulling out the Christmas lights… And that brings the challenges out for the Minnesotan expat.

Exhibit A: In which the Minnesotan believes its snowing on Oxford Street on December 1st

True story. Coming out of a quick work meeting around Bond Street, I was strolling down Oxford Street, passing the HMV, when I SAW THEM. Little specks of white floating gently in the light of a street lamp. Pretty sure I gasped out loud, jerked around wildly looking to see if anyone else was seeing what I was (thankfully, they were…) and immediately scribbled a text message to a work colleague (in all capital letters) proclaiming that it was SNOWING IN LONDON.

I wanted to declare a school day, heck – call a national holiday and think about sledding down Primrose Hill. (Side note, Brits, the word “sledging” just sounds wrong, sorry)

And that’s when I realised stupid Boots pharmacy had a really realistic snow machine going…

Exhibit B: Above manifestations of excitement about the potential of snowfall will inevitably lead an expat Minnesotan to wax lyrical stories about winters which will have all non-Minnesotans picturing scenes like the above.

Which is actually Alaska.

Minnesota is beautiful. But its not “Alaska beautiful”. And its pretty tough to see the Northern Lights except when they are extremely active up North.

Exhibit C: You find out its even snowing in Brussels of all places on December 2nd

And then you just feel life is unfair.

I jest of course (well, I wish I was joking about the Oxford Street incident), but it has struck me how years away from Minnesota has left me pining for a proper snowfall for the holidays. One that preferably doesn’t involve me launching myself down an Alp on skis. Just a good old, wake-up-in-your-own-home snow to watch over a cup of coffee in your pajamas. Snow to turn on some Christmas tunes to and decorate your Christmas tree.

COME ON London, do a girl a favor. Please :)

This post is part of the always fun travel link up hosted by Kelly, Emma, Rebecca and Sam – with this month’s theme being celebrating the holidays. I have not so much talked about celebrating holidays as I have ranted about snow… but aren’t holidays better with snow?

Photo credit: United States Air Force photo by Senior Airman Joshua Strang

Super, Pretty, Funny n°46



Palm tree // Jess-On-Thames


Pretty much sums up this week. Had an impossible time recovering from holiday (see above), realised how hard it is to do the social media thing when my phone is still broken and I’m just going to say it: I am ready for Christmas. Probably because I’ve cried at the John Lewis ad now about 5 times. (Ok, 10 times… they keep showing it!)

Here’s what has been keeping me (somewhat) sane this week.


Life on the edge of a desert in Chile

Norway’s passports are now cooler than yours

I finally bought wellies. Biker wellies. My transition to life in the UK is complete.

Its been a bit controversial this week, but I still love this project.


Some coat envy

Feeling like a grown up kid watching this trailer. (See also: Cate Blanchett. See also: Rob Stark. See also: directed by Kenneth Branagh.)

Loving Margot’s blog redesign


A Thanksgiving controversy. First, the New York Times published this. And then a ranty Minnesotan responded.

Big Grace Helbig fan. That girl is funny.

Meryl as Julia. The best.

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