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The best Eton Mess in London

Full disclosure: I have only had Eton Mess – that quintessential English dessert that looks like a chef wentRead more »

Strawberry Hill House

When I was little, my best friend and I used to sneak into construction sites in new housing developments and imagineRead more »

Life on a roller coaster

This post is a hard one. As much fun as it can be, being an expat is hard and eventually, a moment will come when youRead more »

Fighting the Monday blues. With tea

Mondays are funny, fickle things. You either love them or hate them. They can be a source of anxiety or a reassuringRead more »

Creativity. Expats. And a Murder Mystery.

An expat. A blogger. Sweden. A “hot guy named Anders”. And a murder mystery that no one knows is a murderRead more »

English Tea

I once had an English boss who very kindly told me that the only proper way to drink a hot beverage was with a cup andRead more »

Sunny Sundays

I am publicly confirming that sunny Sundays in London – with spring “just around the corner”*Read more »

How to smuggle a cat into England*

*Because “How to schedule a microchip appointment, negotiate with crabby Belgian veterinarians, stamp kittenRead more »

Rookie moves

Def/: rookie (rook‘e) – n. An untrained or inexperienced recruit; a first-year player. Moving to a newRead more »

A wintery walk in Walla Walla (pt 2)

I have already talked about my recurring desk envy. But Walla Walla, WA is a town made for house envy of theRead more »

Quite the year

From my first trip to South Africa… To summer mini-breaks in Normandy… To saying farewell toRead more »

I almost died in Harrods

Disclaimer: I have a penchant for exaggeration. I almost died in Harrods. Very nearly fact. And completely byRead more »

Introducing Jess-On-Thames

It was about time. After much deliberation and three months in my newly adopted city – Jess in Belgium hasRead more »

A wintery walk in Walla Walla (pt 1)

There are times when your up-too-early-jetlagged-self can no longer resist this face – and you simply have toRead more »

A Merry Limerick Christmas

Christmas at the Henderson household has always been amazing. We are a one-present-on-Christmas-Eve (ok, lastRead more »