Super, Pretty, Funny {no. 23}

She’s back! It has been a very busy few weeks folks, between my mom being in town, a weekend in London and working on my map design class. Not to mention work. But I am thrilled that March is here. Spring begins on March 20th, birthday season in our family starts and I leave for South Africa in exactly ONE MONTH.

My mom brought me a pair of my grandfather’s old Swiss Military binoculars from WWII to take on safari and it all started to feel like its really happening. Its when you make mental notes to make sure your grandfather’s binoculars aren’t eaten by a leopard that you realize what you are planning.

Have a great weekend everyone. Here are your weekend links.

xx J




Photo found here. 

  • The pugs guide to etiquette is hilarious!

  • Cheetah are my favourite african Big cat. Though in reality, they are not that big at all, but they are lithe, tormented and survivors!

    I miss South africa. I always enjoyed visiting Cape town and jo’burg.

    Would love to see the binoculars!


Twelve years ago, Jess moved to Europe for what was supposed to be a one-year stint. Fourteen years later, life abroad is just as entertaining. She blogs about it here.