Super, Pretty, Funny {No. 24}

Feeling a bit like I’m dancing a complicated jig these days {wanted to use the word waltz before I realised what I’m doing is far less graceful}.

Our trip to South Africa is right around the corner and there is so much to do before we leave! Luckily, there are a few exciting things just around the corner including a Mexican dinner this evening {you should see the kind of excitement nachos, mole and cornbread brings out in a group of Brussels expats}, finally getting an iPhone subscription {sometimes, its all about the petty little things}, a Sunday date night before D leaves for Africa {two weeks before me!} and  a fun evening next week when JoAnna from For the Intolerents comes to town for a bloggers dinner with yours truly and Caterina from Not Just a Pretty Dress.

Have a wonderful weekend folks,

xx J




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Twelve years ago, Jess moved to Europe for what was supposed to be a one-year stint. Fourteen years later, life abroad is just as entertaining. She blogs about it here.