Travel Blogger Problems

Brussels-DandoyBeing a travel blogger is both a blessing and a curse. Why, you ask?

I’ve resorted to making a list of travel blogger problems:

  • Crushingly consistent wanderlust
  • A travel wish list as long as the world’s longest book
  • But the list is really just in your head so it gets crowded in there…
  • Talking about trips even when you aren’t on one nor have one planned
  • Talking about friends’ trips like you are there with them
  • Joking that you “hate” your friends for the trips they are on
  • “Hate” for friends turns to guilt because you really love your friends…


  • Blowing too much on a Japanese restaurant because its the next best thing to going there?
  • Drinking too much sake at said Japanese restaurant to forget that you are not really in Japan?
  • Constantly asking yourself just how adventurous you really are
  • Constantly asking other people questions and wondering if your sense of curiosity annoys them
  • Knowing that – inevitably – you get things wrong
  • You mess up currency conversion
  • If you remembered there was a different currency…
  • You accidentally insult people in a foreign language
  • Your brain gets tired from learning foreign languages


  • You get lost
  • Like, really lost
  • You have a walking addiction
  • Constant sore feet from walking addiction
  • Envy of people who can wear heels on a regular basis
  • Photography addiction
  • Apologising to people walking with you that you have a photography addiction
  • Instagram addiction
  • CN Traveler addiction
  • Vanity Fair addiction (*not actually travel blogger related)


  • Google maps addiction
  • iPhone addiction
  • Snapchat addiction
  • Pinterest addiction
  • Major data issues (see above)
  • Sleep deprivation because you constantly wake up early to go out exploring
  • Bruises on your arms from all the times you’ve had to pinch yourself that you’re really where you are… (no? just me?) 
  • An overactive imagination and sense of curiosity that keeps life constantly fun…
  • The realisation that none of these are actually problems…


This post is part of the travel blogger linkup that I have been horrible about participating in as of late, but which I love very much. Go give EmmaAngie, Jessi and topic co-host Lauren some love and read some more #travelbloggerproblems. 

  • great points! I go to sleep and suddenly start thinking about a city/trip I’d taken and how to write a post about it. then I eventually doze off, wake up in the morning and start writing:)

  • Totally agree with so many of these!

  • Brilliant post – a wonderful list of non-problems that we nonetheless suffer from very much ;) Blogging is definitely responsible for most of my sleep-deprivation, from post-writing to constant “research” to waking up early to explore!

  • This is so on point! Definitely facing the “sore feet from walking addiction” issue right now after traipsing all around Vienna in the most impractical shoes last week (they did look so pretty though!) xx

  • I love this list! I can relate to almost all of them, especially the “You have a walking addiction” and the social media addictions!

  • I’m pretty sure you haven’t missed any! Great list, I wouldn’t put sleep deprivation on it, I love getting out early to explore – so much easier than an early start for work!

  • The slow pace

    So true… mostly the addictions! Sometimes I can’t even read CN Traveler because I get so nervous and anxious about how many beautiful places there are in the world and how little time I have to visit them. It’s like a Stendhal syndrome travel-wise, if that makes sense…
    By the way the “insult people in a foreign language” thing can be also related to the expat situation!

  • Valerie Gomez

    That was a fun read… Who you described is me most of the time :)

  • Many of these could just be “blogger problems”, LOL. I relate! ;)


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